Monday, 23 January 2017

Peek a boo :)

It has been soooo long since I wrote my last post to the blog. It was a crazy 2016 year with my sister`s wedding, and also expecting another mini to our family. :)

I had to say no to many custom orders because I had carper tunnel syndrome due to pregnancy and i couldnt make anything for a while. As it gets better I start my craft routine slowly.. There are lots of finished projects that are waiting for me to take photos and add them to the shop, instagram, facebook etc.. I am so lazy about taking photos, I may need a photo asisstant so I can enjoy my crochet-knit time while she takes photos for me. The weather in winter also doesn`t help with that, less sunshine and dark clouds push me back b
ut (at last,) the last weekend I could do some of photo shoots. I ironed and took photos of some summer scarves and listed them on my etsy shop.  I probably wont have free time for that for a while. 

These days, I am also getting lots of messages about the vest I made for Little M, I had promised to make another one and write the pattern for you. I didnt forget my promise, it is on top of my list but it still might take some time because of my pregnancy. I will do my best for that. :) Thank you for your patience :)


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