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I always remember my mum knitting, sewing, tatting or doing crochet.  She always has some craft items in her bag wherever she goes;  she crafts while chatting with friends and having some tea. I remember myself playing with the yarn she was knitting and me thinking "how long it will take her to knit that long yarn" and counting the seconds. When I was 6, I asked her to teach me how to knit.
During the summer holidays, she helped me with some knitting or crochet projects. It was a relaxing thing to do for me. When I was preparing for the university exams, I was knitting or sewing to relax and forget about the stress of the preparation.

I studied computer programming at the university and worked at some companies as web designer, programmer for a while. I kept away from all sorts of craft at that time. After I got married and moved to UK, I realized that I didn’t want to write codes on my computer anymore.  I was alone when my husband was at work. I needed something to do to keep myself busy. Knitting, crochet and sewing were always my passion and I found myself in the city library with craft books. I didn’t have my mum next to me to ask what to do on the next row so I had to push my boundaries. I read almost all craft books in the library and learned more about patterns, reading charts, choosing yarn and etc.

When my daughter was born, I was busy with her. While she was sleeping I was relaxing with knitting. I made for her blanket, skirts and jackets. Then, I realized if I and my mum kept knitting for her she wouldn’t have enough space in her wardrobe so I decided to make a move and open an online shop. I convinced myself, if my items didn’t sell, I would give them as a gift to my friends and family or use it myself. In the beginning it was a hobby that sells, but after a few years I started to think more business..

From the beginning when I see a pattern or stitch, I ask myself: `Would I wear it?` or `Would I give it to someone I care as a gift?`. If the answer is yes then I decide the material and start making it. If I have a doubt about it, I don’t start making it at all. Because, I make things that I really love.
 I still make clothes, skirts, toys for my daughters, sometimes they ask for me to do something. My husband convinced me that I can write patterns of these. With the inspiration and support I had and still have from them, I have many patterns for sale on my shop and still more to come.

All items in my shop are "handmade" by me. I design, make, take photos and list on my shop. When an item is sold I pack carefully and my husband helps me with the shipping.

Thank you. :)


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